Atlanta Prepares for the Big Game

We’re thrilled that Atlanta hosted the Super Bowl this year. The first weekend of February was the culmination of a lot of hard work around the city, all of which we were able to witness up close and personal. Around the Atlanta City Access office, we’ve been thinking about how reaching the Super Bowl is a lot like succeeding in the business world. Watching our city get ready for the big game also reminded us how important training and teamwork really are.

Athletes train their entire lives to get to a major championship event such as the Super Bowl. They put blood, sweat, and tears into the process, and then they have to work with their teammates to secure the win. Teamwork ends up bringing the greatest recognition in the sports world just as it does for companies.

As we watched the Super Bowl this year, we thought about our plans to push Atlanta City Access to even greater heights. Setting ambitious goals has always been a key part of our ethos, so working to make 2019 the year of expansion is a natural feeling for us. After we watched the Lombardi Trophy awarded in our hometown, we were excited to get right back to pursuing our lofty objectives.

It’s an exciting time to be in Atlanta and to be part of the Atlanta City Access family. Check out our Newswire feed for frequent updates on our ongoing growth and newsworthy achievements.