Got Big Dreams? Then This Is the Team for You!

Atlanta City Access may be a new company, but our leadership team has been around for a while. We wanted to highlight our firm’s President and share some of the details of his career journey to show just how well-poised we are to make our mark on Atlanta, Georgia.

“Growing up, my parents taught me to go to school, get good grades, and then find a nine-to-five job with a big corporation,” shared Stephen, The Atlanta City Access President. “After getting my degree and working my way up in a Fortune 500 company, I hit the ceiling hard and fast. I was in a position where I understood how the corporate ladder worked and I realized that it wasn’t for me.”

“My personal objectives didn’t fit with a traditional career,” Stephen continued. “My mind was always on bettering my family’s situation, and I wanted to be able to put in as many hours as I could to secure their future. This industry provided opportunities that matched my ambition level, so I got involved and never looked back.”

To find success, Stephen pointed out the importance of clear goals. He recommends getting help from a mentor or manager if someone doesn’t already have some targets in place, which also provides the added benefit of extra accountability.

“By 2020, I’ll have zero consumer debt, I’ll have bought a home for my wife and kids, and I’ll have promoted several professionals to leadership positions. This is a growth industry, and now’s the time to jump on board,” Stephen explained. “If someone is interested in applying, they should visit our Careers page. Everyone else should follow our progress by liking The Atlanta City Access on Facebook.”