It’s Time to Expand Our Winning Team

As we continue to exceed our Atlanta City Access expansion goals, we’re enticing business-minded people to join our team of top performers. Stephen, our firm’s President, stated, “Ours is a booming industry, and we need a vibrant, diverse team to keep us ahead of the competition. The upcoming holiday season is our busiest time of the year, so we’re looking for natural entrepreneurs to come on board.”

When we evaluate potential additions to Team Atlanta City Access, there are a few qualities we want to see. Stephen added, “Having an entrepreneurial mind-set means displaying several key attributes, one of which is a proactive attitude. It’s great to have clear goals and plans in place, but someone who takes the reins is an ideal fit for our culture. We like aggressive achievers who can adjust to changing circumstances on their paths to success.”

People with founders’ mind-sets also love new challenges. They know there will be unexpected hurdles to clear during their career journeys, but they aren’t afraid to dig deep in order to overcome them. Stephen remarked, “If a candidate has a story about taking on more duties and achieving lofty goals in the process, we know we’ve found a great fit for our growth-focused atmosphere.”

We’re ready to meet with driven jobseekers who want to find rewarding careers. Like Atlanta City Access on [Facebook] for news on hiring and our ongoing growth.