Learning and Making Connections in Dallas

Team Atlanta City Access recently travelled to Dallas for a leadership and networking conference. Stephen, our firm’s President, explained, “We’re growing our team from the ground up, so venturing out to big industry events is an ideal way to equip our brand advocates for lasting success. Not only can they learn from highly accomplished leaders, our people also get to add helpful contacts to their networks in the process.”

Stephen was able to expand his own marketing and consulting services knowledge during the conference. He stated, “The keynote speeches were enlightening to say the least. Like all our Atlanta City Access attendees, I came back to the office newly inspired to streamline my own work. The fact that I added to my network in the process was just icing on the cake.”

Being around so many high achievers also gave our team members fresh perspectives on the bigger picture of our industry. Stephen remarked, “We learned about the many different approaches that can fuel lasting success when it comes to raising brand awareness. It was also inspiring to see people recognized for their excellent performance, because it shows us how much is possible if we work hard and properly focus our unique talents.”

We’re already looking forward to our next team excursion. Follow Atlanta City Access on Twitter for updates on our rewarding travel events.