Stephen and Lucas Return From the Dominican Republic

One of the most exciting Atlanta City Access trips that occurred in 2018 was an R&R getaway in Punta Cana. It was an exclusive, all-expenses-paid weekend where the most successful people in our industry gathered to recharge their batteries and also connect with other leaders from across the globe.

Stephen, President of Atlanta City Access, was invited, as was Lucas, one of our account managers. The two were able to share best practices with other brand awareness pros on topics such as being a model for the right behavior, how to motivate others, and time management. Lucas made sure to put his contacting skills to work meeting other rising stars, and came home with an expanded professional network as well as increased knowledge.

Stephen and Lucas weren’t the only ones to benefit from this trip. They shared everything they learned with the rest of the team when they returned, which inspired all of us to put our best efforts into qualifying for the 2019 trip as well. In the meantime, there are several leadership conferences to attend, plus chances to cross-train at other offices around the country. We value the learning and growth that take place whenever we journey away from home, and provide as many chances as possible for our team members to see the world together.

Congratulations again to Stephen and Lucas for earning an invite to one of the most elite travel events of the year! See where we go next by liking Atlanta City Access on Facebook.