Our Best Advice for Acing Interviews

We’re working on building Team Atlanta City Access, which means we’ve been thinking a lot about what it takes to impress during an interview. It’s important for candidates to set themselves apart from the crowd by selling their unique talents and being as well prepared as possible.

Re-reading the job listing is one of the things we suggest doing before an interview. It’s vital for jobseekers to tailor their answers to focus on the most important aspects of the position and how their special skills are ideal fits. Thinking of a few specific examples from their prior work experience to strengthen their responses is also a good idea for candidates.

There’s really no substitute for practice when it comes to making a strong impression during an interview. The candidates who stand out for our Atlanta City Access hiring managers are those who have clearly rehearsed their responses and researched our company. It’s easy to find lists of common interview questions, so jobseekers are wise to use them.

Sending a thank-you note after an interview is another key technique. Not only is it proper etiquette to do so, it’s also further proof that a candidate really wants the job. Expressing thanks also shows potential employers that a person has strong follow-up skills, which are key to forging strong professional connections.

These strategies ensure that candidates make strong impressions on hiring managers. Like Atlanta City Access on Facebook for more of our best tips for jobseekers.