Our End-of-Year Celebrations Serve a Greater Purpose

Team Atlanta City Access is all about having fun at work, and the end-of-year holidays are the perfect reasons to celebrate. We are planning a raffle starting in December so that qualifying brand advocates can earn tickets throughout the month. One lucky winner will receive a free pair of DRE Beats.

We’re also hosting a Secret Santa and toy drive in the Atlanta City Access office leading up to the holidays. For our end-of-year party, we will all be wearing Santa hats, cooking outdoors, exchanging gifts, and just generally enjoying each other’s company.

While we are certainly enjoying every aspect of these activities, there are principles at work here as well. For example, recognition is a pillar of our company culture. We actively look for ways to let our team members know how much we appreciate their efforts. Parties are only one way we say thank you – we also offer trips to top performers and focus on internal promotions so that those who embrace our company’s mission and align their personal goals with our firm’s objectives feel appreciated.

Leadership is vital for success, both in and out of the office. To establish ourselves as leaders in our community, we add an element of philanthropy into our celebration. We set ourselves apart from other companies when we give back.

We have fun, but with a purpose. Learn more about our company values and how we live them by liking Atlanta City Access on Facebook.