Our Firm’s President Was Invited to Punta Cana

Atlanta City Access may be a new firm, but we’re already making a name for ourselves as a force in the brand awareness industry. For example, our President, Stephen, was just invited to attend an international leadership conference in Punta Cana – only a year after opening his own office! He will also be taking his family to Orlando as part of this trip, and they’ll be enjoying a few days in Walt Disney World while he’s at the retreat.

This is a proud moment for Stephen, because it gives him a chance to prove that it is possible to achieve a great deal of success in a short period of time in our field. Leading by example is a priority for Atlanta City Access’ President, and we’re excited to see all his hard work over the past year pay off. What’s even better is that there’s another trip available in February, and Stephen is already laying the groundwork for us to accompany him.

We’re a young company, and travel is often considered a luxury in today’s business world. This begs the question: What makes it worthwhile? One answer is camaraderie. When we get the chance to spend time together away from the office, we connect with each other on a personal level. This increases communication and collaboration when we get back to the office, helping our firm achieve even greater levels of success.

We’re proud to be on Stephen’s team, and look forward to following him into a prosperous new year. Learn more about our plans for the future by following Atlanta City Access on Twitter.