Our Next Learning-Rich Team Trip

As members of Team Atlanta City Access, we receive a wide range of travel incentives, and one of our favorites is coming up in February. The Dallas leadership conference is one of the most rewarding industry events we attend, offering an incredible amount of learning and networking potential. Stephen, our firm’s President, explained that leadership skills and tips for becoming successful business owners will be hot topics throughout the conference.

There will be hundreds of people to mingle with at the Dallas gathering, including top leaders. Stephen added that simply interacting with so many different types of successful people is a major reward in itself. He noted that there’s a 100 percent chance that someone at the conference will have gone through similar career challenges as ours. This means the potential for good advice is limitless. When we return to the Atlanta City Access office, we’ll have an array of helpful new contacts who can help us reach our goals.

We have another key travel event coming up that will build our knowledge bases: a road trip to a successful office in Alabama. Stephen remarked that venturing to other markets isn’t just a great way to see more of the U.S.; it’s also an ideal chance to learn how people use different approaches to attain lasting success. We always come back home with novel insights to apply to our own projects.

The Dallas conference figures to provide us with tons of new motivation. Follow Atlanta City Access on Twitter for updates on the event and all our travel plans.