Our Team Events Strengthen Our Culture

Around the Atlanta City Access office, we’re always planning new team-building events. Every time we come together away from the workplace, we develop stronger morale and spur smoother collaboration. Our next big outing will be to celebrate Memorial Day, when we honor those who have given their lives for our country. Whatever the occasion, though, our team functions deliver the following key benefits:

• Relaxation: Getting away from the demands of being a leader in a fast-moving industry is always nice. Even if we’re engaging in some friendly competition, our team events bring chances to take a step back and gain fresh perspectives on our work. When we come back to the Atlanta City Access office, we can’t wait to tackle big challenges with our teammates.

• Enhanced Communication: Interacting outside of our typical work roles helps us get a better understanding of our group dynamics. To make the most of this benefit, we often set aside a few minutes to discuss what we’ve done as a group and how it can help us back at work.

• Healthier Team Spirit: This is an intangible benefit, but an important one nevertheless. We’ve found that the more often we enjoy each other’s company away from work, the more united we are in our efforts to achieve big wins for the brands we promote. There’s a buzz around our workspace after a team outing that can’t be produced any other way.

These are just a few of the reasons we’re looking forward to a summer filled with team outings. Follow Atlanta City Access on Twitter to stay updated on our group outings.