The Benefits of Giving Back Extend Far

There’s nothing that feels better than giving of ourselves. Whether we individually support a mission or work as a team to help out a cause, the dividends that go around are amazing. Within our Atlanta City Access office, we love to find ways to give back to our community. Our most recent effort is with the Atlanta Homeless Shelter.

Stephen, Atlanta City Access’ President, organized the first annual food drive in our office with the collections earmarked for this shelter. We’re doing more than just bringing in canned goods, though. Stephen has challenged us all to collect as much food as possible. Like with our work, there are goals attached so we can view our progress and continue to push each other to deliver more. This effort ensures that we’ll be bringing at least a few truckloads of food to the organization.

Philanthropy is embedded within our collective thinking at Atlanta City Access. We know that we’re doing good within the community when we choose and support causes that align with our company’s values. But more than that, we aim to let others around our region know we are a socially responsible firm. In today’s marketplace, customers and other companies tend to partner with others who care. By putting forth sincere efforts to assist local charities, we fulfill this criteria.

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