The Many Networking Opportunities We Receive

As members of Team Atlanta City Access, we get lots of opportunities to learn through travel. These trips allow us to see all aspects of the business and receive hands-on experience in the process. When we head out as a group, we also have chances to add valuable names to our contact lists.

Stephen, our firm’s President, makes these benefits possible in several ways, one of which is taking us to workshops at other offices. We soak up wisdom from leadership role models and high-performing peers during these trips. Every time we return to the Atlanta City Access office, we have innovative tips to apply to our own goal achievement efforts.

Flexing our networking muscles in new places gives us confidence in our unique abilities. We develop our leadership skills not just through learning from top frontrunners, but also by asserting ourselves in different contexts. Going outside our comfort zones equips us for long-term success in our rapidly evolving industry.

We also get to expand our firm’s reputation with every networking exploit, spreading the word about our innovative brand awareness techniques. Each time we expand our contact lists, we help Atlanta City Access gain further inroads to sustained prominence in the marketplace.

Being able to gain insights through travel is one of the most rewarding parts of working here. Learn more about our learning approach by following Atlanta City Access on Twitter.