Tips for Effective Team-Building Events

A positive work culture provides a range of lasting benefits to a company. We’ve certainly found this to be true around Atlanta City Access HQ, where we organize a variety of team-building events to enhance camaraderie. Through our efforts, we’ve learned that the following strategies are helpful in planning effective team outings:

• Have a Clear Objective: We think about what we want our associates to gain from every event before we get too far along in the planning process. With a clear objective in mind, it’s easier for us to plan activities that align with core Atlanta City Access principles. This simple strategy also ensures lasting impact from any activity we plan.

• Know Our Budget: It’s important that we know exactly how much we can spend on a team-building event from the beginning of the planning phase. We establish budgets for both high-profile travel opportunities and smaller team outings. Either way, we don’t want to be surprised by unplanned expenses.

• Gather Suggestions From Team Members: Getting input from our associates is another way we make sure our team events are productive. When everyone has a voice in deciding what we do as a group, they’re more engaged in the overall process. They also gain greater rewards from the finished product.

Our Atlanta City Access team-building efforts get a boost from these techniques. Check out our Newswire for more on how we’re strengthening our bonds.